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Optimize Your Chances of Success With IMAT Buddy’s Brand New Past IMAT Papers

Preparing for IMAT

Are you worried about your chances of passing the dreaded IMAT exam? A gateway exam that potential medical and dental students need to pass before they can be accepted on their chosen path of study, the IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test) contains a daunting mixture of general knowledge, logic and scientific questions. The test is often felt to be a considerable challenge, since the syllabus is vague and the topics are very broad. Even if you did well in high school science, it is likely you will find this exam challenging.

IMAT Format

The IMAT consists of four sections: the first section contains (as of 2019) ten questions on logical reasoning and twelve questions on general knowledge. Section two contains eighteen biology questions. Section three contains twelve chemistry questions. Finally, section four contains eight physics and math questions. All questions are multiple-choice, with five answers to select from for each question. In total, there are sixty questions worth ninety marks. Students usually need to answer at least half the questions correctly (scoring forty-five marks or more) to be considered for a university place to study medicine or dentistry. Some universities will require higher IMAT scores. Keep in mind however that there is negative marking, so answering incorrectly will reduce your score!

With so much riding on the IMAT, it’s essential to utilise an IMAT preparation course to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be. That’s where IMAT Buddy can help! Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the IMAT test content and the best techniques to crack the test, we’ve put together a comprehensive range of study materials that optimise your chances of obtaining the grades you need on the IMAT test, the first time around. As well as providing everything you need for high-quality IMAT preparation, our lessons, practice questions, past paper worked solutions and other resources are also helpful for studying the new HUMAT test, introduced by Humanitas University.

All IMAT past papers are now available

Brand new for IMAT 2022 is access to ALL the previous IMAT papers, with fully worked solutions to each question provided. While the answer sheets are publically available, it can be very frustrating not knowing how the writers arrived at the correct answer. That’s why we’ve provided you with comprehensive explanations for each past paper. See the full list of IMAT Past Papers and check out the IMAT Past Paper 2019 with worked solutions for FREE!

Fully worked past paper question solutions

With IMAT Buddy, you don’t just get the answers to the paper, you also get a worked answer, so you can see the logic behind the chosen response. This ensures you can turn a wrong answer into a learning opportunity, honing your technique so that you whizz through the test when you take it for real.

More than a hundred videos

Covering all the common topics you’re likely to encounter in the IMAT exam, as well as information, tips and tricks on the techniques needed to tackle the logic section competently, our library of videos is a comprehensive resource that covers every aspect of the IMAT paper. When you subscribe to IMAT Buddy, access to the video library is unlimited. Students have more than twenty two hours of video to watch, each minute of which is crammed with the knowledge you need to sail through the IMAT paper.

Hundreds of practice questions with worked solutions

As well as worked solutions for every IMAT paper that students have sat since 2011, including IMAT test 2020, IMAT Buddy also has a library containing hundreds of practice questions. If you want to practice a particular subject area, or have been using IMAT books and want a chance to check your understanding, practise questions are a great idea. What’s more, all our practice questions come with worked solutions – if you go wrong, you’ll learn how to approach the question correctly next time.

Take advantage of the IMAT Buddy guarantee

We are confident that, by using IMAT Buddy, you’ll enjoy outstanding success in your IMAT 2022 exams. In the unlikely event that you fail the IMAT test, if you’re a subscriber to our site, we’ll give you an additional 12-months subscription completely FREE of charge. This will give you the chance to use the IMAT Buddy resources to the fullest in preparation for your resit, optimising the chances that you’ll end up with the result you need to pursue your chosen study course.

IMAT Buddy is a dedicated resource that’s been skillfully put together to give IMAT learners everything they need to excel in this tricky exam.

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