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Studying Medicine in Italy

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Studying Medicine in Italy - Our complete full-service program to assist you throughout the entire process

Passing the IMAT Test is just one of the hurdles you need to cross in order to gain admission to medical school in Italy. As an international student, there are many other things that you need to do before you can successfully enrol in your dream degree and start your life in Italy. For those of you who want a helping hand along this journey, we are here to guide you with personalised consulting. Take a look at what we can help you with below.

Please note: This is an additional paid service to the regular IMAT Buddy course and is not included in the €249 price.

Please note: This service is for a limited number of students and only a few seats remain available. If you are interested in this service, be aware that seats may soon become unavailable.

Please read the following FAQs before you accept this service.

Steps 1 - 9

1. Initial Screening

First we will need to ask you some questions so we can make sure you are both eligible for Medicine in Italy, and to determine what categories you will fall under. We will examine…

2. Choosing a University 

There are plenty of University choices, and they often differ in terms of cost, opportunities, scholarships and lifestyle. There are often ways to reduce official school fees (even if you come from a wealthy background), as well as important details to know about your potential life in each university. We will…

3. Preparations 

Depending on your circumstances there may or may not be certain things we will need to help you with. We will…

4. Document Preparation

Based on where you come from there are going to be various income documents you will need. Italy is a very beaurocratic country and this makes document preparation a very delicate process where small mistakes and omissions can lead to unfortunate outcomes. We will…

5. Studying for IMAT

With this service we will include access to IMAT Buddy`s preparation course, which will maximise your chances to pass the admission test.  We will…

6. Applications

There are multiple applications you may or may not need to make depending on your circumstances, including applications to the test, pre-enrolment, pre-registration, visa applications, university enrolment. We will…

7. Enrolling

Once you have passed the IMAT we will…

8. Scholarships

All Italian universities have income based scholarships which can potentially secure you free canteen meals, free rent in dorms and/or up to 7000 euros in yearly lump sum payments. There are also university specific scholarships based on other factors. We will…

9. Moving to Italy

Moving to Italy can be scary, especially if you are alone and do not speak Italian. The language barrier and culture shock can make it seem impossible to get your basic needs set in order. For your first month in Italy we will keep in touch and assist you with some of the most important arrands. We can…

Study Medicine In Italy - Full Service Consultancy Program

One Off Purchase
Price given on application
  • Choosing a University
  • Preparations including all documents required
  • Studying for the IMAT Test
  • Applications & Enrolling
  • Scholarships
  • Moving to Italy

More Questions?


Will I have to do anything myself in this package?

Throughout this process there are going to be various documents we will require from you, such as your high school diploma for the Declaration of Value (DoV), income documents for the scholarship application, along with many others. We will need you to obtain these for us. You will likely also need to visit the embassy personally. Once in Italy, you will also need to visit certain institutions. We will tell you everything that you need to do, but be aware that the entire process requires your active engagement.

Will I be able to contact anyone directly?

Yes. You will given a team members personal Whatsapp number, so that you can chat with us and schedule calls when needed.

Do you guarantee that I will receive the full scholarship amount?

The scholarships depend on your circumstances such as family income and academic merit. It is thus your situation that dictates whether you will be awarded a scholarship or not. We will ensure that your applications are completed correctly and on time, but if your personal circumstances are not deemed to be eligible for the scholarship, you will not be awarded it. We will advise you before hand what the likelihood of success is based on your personal situation.

Will you help me settle in once I arrive in Italy?

Once you enrol in your degree we will assist you for 1 month with general advice such as where to go to get residence permits, where to go to get your fiscal code, how to find an apartment, how to get a sim card, how to apply for insurance, how to open a bank account, and other day to day errands that may be difficult to accomplish due to culture shock, language barrier and the general uncertainty of moving countries. We can also assist you with language issues such as talking to real estate agents over the phone (many times real estate agents in Italy hang up when they hear English). We can also help answer questions you might have regarding living in Italy. Please note we will not send a physical person to your location to do these things, it will be done from a distance. We also do not take responsibility for you successfully getting a house, we can only assist in making the communication process easier with the real estate agency or landlord.

Will you offer me this service if I am not eligible for medical school in Italy?

We will not offer you this consulting service if we deem that you are not eligible to apply for medical school. That is why we will ask you to fill out our questionnaire first before paying. Please make sure to answer the questions truthfully, so we can be sure that you are eligible for medical school in Italy this year. We may also ask you further questions later on if needed.

What if the IMAT gets cancelled? What if admissions are cancelled for the year?

The IMAT has never been cancelled before (not even during the locking down period in Italy). It is thus HIGHLY unlikely that this will happen. Likewise no medical schools have ever closed their admissions for a certain year. If these things do happen however, we cannot provide a refund.

What if I do not pass the IMAT? What if I do not take the test?

We will advise you before hand and throughout your journey with us what we think your likelihood of success is, and help you pick a university based on this. However, you must realise that the IMAT is competitive, and you need to put effort in to pass. If you do not pass the IMAT we will not provide a refund. Likewise, if you do not take the test itself for any reason (such as being late for the test, or do not show up) we will not issue a refund.