Our mission is to provide students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to crush the IMAT Test and realize their dreams as future doctors.

At IMAT Buddy we leave out the stuff that textbooks and online videos waste your time with and focus solely on the material that you will need to ace the IMAT Test.

What We Offer

Our IMAT Preparation Course is designed to teach you the most high yield content available. We’re so confident in our course that should you miss securing a seat, we’ll renew your subscription: free of charge!

Videos covering all 7 sections of the IMAT

We offer more hours of content and more videos covering each section than our competitors, ensuring you have the edge over your peers. We’ve cut out all the filler and focus on teaching solely what you need to know to be competitive and to maximise your marks.

Practice questions for each topic​

Know your enemy, if you want to crush the IMAT, then you need to master the types of questions the writers like to ask. That is why we have created several hundred of questions that match the style and difficulty level of the IMAT

Written summaries covering every section

Reading textbooks and knowing what to remember can be a pain for most students, so we’ve summarized all the essentials so you can spend less time reading and more time learning!

Practical advice and strategies to help you navigate through the confusion

Navigating the IMAT is not easy, especially for international students unfamiliar with how it works. Don’t let confusion drop your marks! Our course is tailored to not only teach you the essentials, but to also give you the strategies you need to beat the test and start your future in medical school!

Brand New to IMAT Buddy

IMAT Past Papers with Worked Solutions

Brand new for IMAT 2022 is access to ALL the previous IMAT papers, with fully worked solutions to each question provided.

Try IMAT Past Paper 2019 for FREE so you can get a feel for the IMAT Buddy IMAT Past Papers before subscribing.

Brand New to IMAT Buddy

IMAT Test Simulation with Worked Solutions

These simulators are designed to test your knowledge in a hypothetical IMAT exam without you needing to waste actual IMAT papers. The questions are original and created by IMAT Buddy, but are of the same difficulty and type as you will face in the actual exam.

Try the IMAT Test Simulator 1 for FREE so you can get a feel for the IMAT Buddy IMAT Test Simulation before subscribing.

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Our course includes seven Free Introductory Videos & seven Free Lessons and Practice Quizzes so you can test out the IMAT Buddy course prior to purchase.

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