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Who is IMAT Buddy designed for?

IMAT Buddy is designed for students who plan to sit the IMAT Test and commence their medical education in Italy. The course provides students with the techniques and knowledge needed to secure their place in medical school or dental school and realize their dreams as future doctors/dentists.

Why take the IMAT Test? Why study in Italy?

Medicine is notorious for being perhaps the most competitive field of study to get into, which often requires top high school or university grades, letters of recommendation, impressive extracurricular activities, stressful interviews and often comes attached with a burdensome price tag. It is precisely for this reason that Italian public medical schools in the English language are such an attractive opportunity for so many students worldwide.

Generally speaking, there are no required grades, no interviews, no impressive resumes, nothing besides a high school diploma and of course a passing grade in the IMAT (make sure to check what the official requirements are with your chosen university). Do not think, however, that this makes it easy. The IMAT is no joke, but seeing as the only thing holding you back from your future life as a doctor or dentist is one test, why not invest in a course where you can learn everything there is to know about it? That’s where we come in!

Do I need to learn any prerequisite subjects before taking the IMAT Preparation Course?

To be eligible for the IMAT Test you need to have finished high school, with no specific prerequisite courses required for most applicants (check with your university to see if you are eligible for medical school in the first place). However, the point of this course is not to teach you biology, chemistry, physics, or any of the other relevant sections from the ground up, our aim is to teach you the content you need for the IMAT Test. Hence you are advised to at least have a very basic understanding of biology, chemistry, maths, and physics, so that this course can focus on the high yield content and avoid the filler.

How do I know if this IMAT Preparation Course is right for me?

Unlike some of our competitors we give you a taste of what we offer before we take your payment. Just take a look at any of our sections and you will find the first few lessons are free for anyone to view. This should help you decide if our course is helpful to you.

What does IMAT Buddy entail?

IMAT Buddy provides you with a resource covering every section in the IMAT Test. We give you detailed lessons on most of the subtopics that the test assesses you on while also giving you plenty of practice questions after each lesson. Our course will provide you with video tutorials, complemented by written summaries as well as questions to help you solidify your learning. There are also questions banks, simulators, worked solutions and we also throw in a few general tips and tricks to help you navigate the confusion surrounding the IMAT Exam.

What content does the course cover?

All content is taken directly from the IMAT Test syllabus, so none of your time is wasted with trivial details that won’t be assessed. What we teach is the high yield content that will actually show up on the exam.

Can’t I just learn this stuff online for free?

There are plenty of biology, chemistry and other related courses available at no charge all over the web (and we encourage you to use these as much as possible!). However, the IMAT is not your average test, it uses types of questions which test you in ways you have not encountered before in high school and which you are unlikely to be taught by a free YouTube course (just open a former test to see what we mean).

IMAT Buddy provides you with the techniques needed to answer IMAT Exam specific questions, while guiding you through only the material you need to know, ensuring you waste no time studying irrelevant content.

Why pay for an IMAT preparation course to begin with?

Admission into medical school is unfortunately a competition. You can count on some seriously well-prepared students who are there to fight for your place in medical school. You can’t rely on just reading textbooks, looking at YouTube videos and doing practice tests - everyone does that. You need a secret weapon.

The lessons in our course will give you the edge over other students by teaching you techniques and IMAT Test focused content. And unlike some other IMAT courses, we won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Our entire course comes at the price close to a university textbook: only €196.00 for 12-month access, with your subscription, renewed free of charge if you don’t secure a place!

Why choose IMAT Buddy?

Unlike our competitors we offer a fully comprehensive online course with more hours of teaching and more quality content, which will leave you confident in knowing that you have all the tools necessary to land an awesome score come test day. Furthermore, we’ve set a price that’s fitting to the average broke university applicant. Rather than charging you a fortune for a tutoring service, we’ve made the lessons in advance so that you can learn any time in the most affordable way possible.

Is IMAT Buddy the only resource I need to pass the IMAT?

We cover a lot of content, so if this is the only resource you use you will most likely still get a great score if you take it seriously. However, this course is not magic and you will need to study it with dedication and motivation. You can count on the fact that a lot of your competition will be working day and night, doing anything and everything to get ahead. So, we recommend that you complement this course with as much independent study as possible, including textbooks and other free online resources, and of course former IMAT exams.