5.01 Stoichiometry Part 1

Avogadro’s number

For the IMAT you must remember Avogadro’s number. Remember that this number is the value of one mole. 

1 mole = 6.022 x 1023 = Avogadro’s number

Molar Mass, Moles, Mass

M: molar mass (g/mol)

m: mass (g)

n: moles (mol)

Remember this formula, but ensure you understand the chemistry behind it.


c: concentration

n: moles

V: volume

This tells us the molar concentration of a solution. Remember that concentrations can be given in other ways, such as mass per volume. The above formula is however the most common for the IMAT


c1V1 = c2V2

If ever you see a ‘before and after’ case of a solutions volume and concentration, then this formula is likely what you need to use.