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New Tips and Tricks for the IMAT 2023

We have just released hundreds of new video lessons to help prepare you in the best possible way for the IMAT. We are continuously working on providing the best material to our students, and these new lessons will give you a tremendous edge over your competition. 

Our Theory Lessons vs Our Practical Lessons

We already have many lessons that teach you the theory you need for the IMAT. These are essential, as without the appropriate knowledge of all the subjects in the IMAT, you cannot pass. However, knowing the theory is not enough in our opinion. An ordinary student will just study the material in the syllabus and attempt the test. We do not want you to be an ordinary student.

That is why we have released practical lessons, which will give you additional tools beyond just the theory required to answer questions. 

Our New Practical Lessons

These lessons are what we call Practical Lessons. They are meant to teach you how to approach IMAT questions once you have studied the necessary content. So make sure you do not watch a lesson before you have studied our theory lesson on the topic.

What is the Point of a Practical Lesson

Our theory lessons teach you what you need to learn for the IMAT and specifically what the IMAT likes to ask about, what is most important and so on. These are extremely important to learning everything for the IMAT.

However, passing the IMAT is not just about what you know. Often times there are specific tricks that you can use to pass certain questions, even if you don’t know the answer! There are also special ways to approach certain questions. Certain words that should be underlined, certain words that should make you perform certain actions and so on. These are all equally important skills to have when taking the exam, as they can give you an advantage over the competition. 

That is why we have released these new lessons to give you the practical skills that you never find in any textbooks or other learning materials. These are IMAT-specific skills that oftentimes are not even relevant to other types of exams. 

The Types of Practical Lessons

We have hundreds of practical lessons to help provide you with the tips and tricks needed to ace the exam. The lessons are centred around teaching you these skills by solving questions with the tricks so that you can see how they work. While we have hundreds of videos, there are some words we have placed in front of some of the lessons that can be good to know about

  • IMPORTANT: This is placed in front of a lesson where we teach something that is extremely high-yield. These lessons often involve some high-yield theory or a skill that is essential to know for the IMAT. So do not miss these!
  • TRICK: This is placed in front of a lesson where we have a special method or trick to answer certain questions. This is oftentimes a special trick you can use to get marks easily for questions that are unconventional, or how to use elements of the question (such as the answer sheet, keywords in the question etc) to get marks without even knowing the theory assessed in the question!
  • HARD: This is placed in front of very difficult questions. The IMAT often has about 1 or 2 unreasonable questions in their exams. But often times there is an unconventional way to solve them. We go over how to do this.

Practical Lessons by Subject

Logical Reasoning

  • There are so many tricks here! For many questions, there are simple techniques that take seconds which can get you the mark. High-yield concepts that get assessed year after year are highlighted in this section, as well as important diagrams you can draw on your paper, important things to take note of in the question, as well as unconventional techniques you can use.

General Knowledge

  • General knowledge questions often have involved a trick that you can use to get the question right even if you do not fully know the topic being assessed. This is super important since most students will just skip these questions. With our tricks, you can consider these as bonus marks that other students will not receive.


  • Biology is just theory, right? Wrong! There are so many tricks in the IMAT biology section. Differences between words like “could” and “would” can completely change what the question is asking. Special diagrams you can draw on your answer sheet can make confusing questions simple. Special methods that textbooks do not teach can give you guaranteed ways to solve questions that repeat. Biology in the IMAT is not just about what you know, it’s about the methods you have to solve questions.


  • Chemistry involves so many different skills. We focus here on all the different techniques you need to have to ace the various questions that show up in the exam. These are super high-yield techniques that give you a tremendous edge over your competitors.


  • Math in the IMAT can sometimes involve such simple skills that even someone who has not studied math in high school can get them. In our practical lessons, we teach you how to identify these types of questions and what you can do to ace them.


  • Like the other science questions, you need to be aware of what the test is asking, what the answer key can tell you and any special tricks that might be available. We go over all these in our practical physics lessons and ensure that you are fully equipped to deal with the types of questions the IMAT likes to ask.

The Value of Practical Lessons

A good student is one that studies everything that is assessed in the IMAT. However, a GREAT student is one that is not only theoretically prepared but practically prepared. A student that knows how to interpret every word in a question. A student who can use the answer key to their advantage. One who can draw out helpful diagrams on the paper. One who can solve certain questions in seconds thanks to secret techniques that 99% of students do not know about. This is the difference between the good and the great student and will be what gets you into medical school. 

Important Disclaimer

While you may be excited to start these lessons immediately, we recommend you are first prepared theoretically. For example, before you watch a practical lesson on, for instance, the heart, make sure you have watched our theory lesson on the heart. This is very important! You will not be able to use tips and tricks if you do not first understand the theory! Try out a free sample lesson and quiz that is part of our IMAT Preparation Course, so you can see the quality of the course prior to purchase.

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