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IMAT Preparation Course – IMAT test section 4 – Mathematics (4 Questions)

Introduction to Mathematics – IMAT Test

If you wish to study Medicine and Surgery in Italy you will have to pass the IMAT (international medical admissions test). In this article, we will analyse how to prepare for IMAT test 4th section of mathematics, do some mental math quizzes and discuss how best to prepare for thetest medicina in inglese.

The Imat test 2021 was held on the 9th September 2021. If you sat the Imat exam and did not pass to study medicine in ItalyIMAT Buddy has the IMAT preparation course you need to crush the test medicina in inglese in 2022.

Plus, IMAT Buddy also has an action-packed FREE full lesson and FREE quiz for the IMAT exam, to get you started in the right direction. The IMAT Buddy medicina in lingua inglese practice questions are based on IMAT past papers, including the Imat test 2020 and Imat Test 2021 and are a perfect IMAT exam sample.

Introduction to Mathematics IMAT Test

All right, it is now time to take a look at the math section. Math only counts for four questions, that is six marks, and is thus not that important of a section in the IMAT as compared to the others. However, there are a few reasons you should still study for this section. For one, a lot of sections actually require you to have some good mathematics skills. Logarithms, for instance, will be helpful in chemistry, basic algebra is helpful in almost all the sections and there are many more examples. And of course, there is the actual mathematics section itself, four marks after all are not nothing. So make sure to at least practice some mathematics.

Now here is the official IMAT Test specification for mathematics.

IMAT Test – Mathematics Syllabus

Topics covered:

Algebra and numerical sets
Natural numbers, integers, rational and real numbers. Sorting and comparison: scales
and scientific notation. Operations and their properties. Proportions and percentages.
Powers with integer and rational exponents, and their properties. Roots and their
properties. Logarithms (base 10 and base e) and their properties. Elements of
combinatorics. Algebraic and polynomial expressions. Major products and nth power of
binomial expansions, factorisation of polynomials. Algebraic fractions. Algebraic
equations and inequalities of the first and second order. Systems of equations.

Basic concepts of functions and their graphical representations (domain, codomain, sign,
continuity, maxima and minima, increasing and decreasing, etc.). Elementary functions:
whole and fractional algebraic functions; exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric
functions. Composite and inverse functions. Trigonometric equations and inequalities.

Polygons and their properties. Circle and circumference. Measurements of lengths,
surfaces and volumes. Isometries, similarities and equivalences in the plane. Geometric
loci. Measurement of angles in degrees and radians. Sine, cosine, tangent of an angle
and their significant values. Trigonometric formulas. Solving triangles. Cartesian
reference system in a plane. Distance between two points and the midpoint of a
segment. Straight line equation. Conditions for parallel and perpendicular lines. Distance
of a point to a line. Equation of the circle, the parabola, the hyperbola, the ellipse and
their representation in the Cartesian plane. Pythagoras’ theorem. Euclid’s first and
second theorems.

Probability and statistics
Frequency distributions and their graphical representations. Concept of random
experiments and events. Probability and frequency

This might look like a lot, but it really isn’t, you will likely have studied this in or before high school and will just need to refresh your memory.

An important thing to remember is that the majority of your time should be going to biology and chemistry. So don’t over study mathematics, it’s only four questions, so you don’t need to learn everything to get a good IMAT test score. It helps to be very strategic in mathematics because they aren’t going to ask more than one question on one topic. So, for instance, if you hate probability, then skip it, because that’s only going to be a maximum of one question on probability. Remember that you will likely not be able to answer every question in the IMAT anyway so skipping certain topics can be very strategic.

What is the best way to study mathematics? Well, really, there’s no trick to this section. You basically just need to learn the content on the syllabus. You can use IMAT Buddy, and you could also use some online resources to learn the stuff that you don’t know. I don’t recommend buying textbooks for this, it’s just basic maths, there are plenty of resources for you. And when it comes to studying, just make sure that you’re following the syllabus and that you’re doing practice questions. Because mathematics is a skills-based subject, you just need to be able to solve questions and that’s it.

Now, where can you find practice questions. Well, you can find them pretty much anywhere on the Internet, but you can also specifically find them on IMAT Buddy These are going to be IMAT style questions. Past IMAT papers and BMAT papers are also great tools. So these are the places where you should practice. And really that is all there is to the math section.

Don’t forget you have to get used to doing math without a calculator, and that’s probably the only difficult part. But besides that, it’s actually quite easy. The level of maths assessed is not advanced at all.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our free sample video below!

Free Lesson IMAT test Mental Maths

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