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IMAT Preparation Course – IMAT Test Section 4 – Physics (4 Questions)

Introduction to Physics – IMAT Test

Are you looking to study Medicine and Surgery in Italy? If yes, then you will have to pass the IMAT (international medical admissions test). In this article, we will discuss and analyse how to prepare for IMAT test 7th section of physics, do some free physics quizzes and discuss how best to prepare for the test medicina in inglese.

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IMAT Test Free Introductory Lesson to Physics

IMAT Test Free Introductory Lesson to Physics

We have now come to the final section of the IMAT, and that is the physics section. Technically, physics is part of the Mathematics and Physics section, but we will treat it as an independent section for study purposes. Physics is probably the least important section in the IMAT, why? Well, for one, it’s only four questions, and secondly, even if you have never studied one minute of physics in your life, you could still get an amazing score on the IMAT. Since it’s only worth six marks, it’s definitely not essential.

This brings us to a very important point. If you have never studied physics before, or if you are terrible at physics, then skip this section. This might seem like strange advice to tell you to skip a section, but remember, you only have one hundred minutes to do the IMAT, and doing 60 questions in one hundred minutes is pretty difficult for most of us. Remember, you are not likely going to finish all the questions anyway, so missing out on four questions is pretty much going to happen either way. Therefore, you might as well save yourself some study time if physics is not your strongest subject.

Now, having said all that, if you are good at physics, then don’t skip this section because the level of physics assessed is actually quite basic. Oftentimes, if you just remember the formula and the units that go with the formula and you know how to actually apply the formula, then you will probably get the question right. You will also need to learn some physics theory, as not all the IMAT physics questions are quantitative.

Whether or not to do the physics section is a personal decision that you have to decide upon for yourself. But if you’ve never studied physics before, then I would definitely recommend skipping it, because even if it is a basic level of physics that they assess, physics is a big subject. It will take you a long time to learn everything and there are a lot of formulas to remember, and it’s just not worth doing all that; learning an entire subject just for four questions.

Assuming however that you will study for physics, here is the syllabus…

IMAT Test – Physics Syllabus

Topics covered:


Direct and indirect measures, fundamental and derived quantities, physical dimensions of quantities, knowledge of the metric system and the CGS System of Units, Technical (or practical) (ST) and International System (SI) units of measurement (names and relationships between fundamental and derived units), multiples and sub-multiples (names and values).


Kinematic quantities, various types of motion with particular regard to uniform and uniformly accelerating rectilinear motion; uniform circular motion; harmonic motion (for all motions: definition and relationships between quantities).


Vectors and vector operations. Forces, moments of forces about a point. Moment of a force couple. Vector composition of forces. Definition of mass and weight. Acceleration due to gravity. Density and specific gravity. The law of universal gravitation, 1st, 2nd and 3rd laws of motion. Work, kinetic energy, potential energy. Principle of conservation of energy. Impulse and momentum. Principle of conservation of momentum.

Fluid mechanics

Pressure, and its unit of measure (not only in the SI system). Archimedes’ Principle. Pascal’s principle. Stevino’s law.


Thermometry and calorimetry. Thermal capacity and specific heat capacity. Modes of heat propagation. Changes of state and latent heats. Ideal Gas Laws. First and second laws of thermodynamics.

Electrostatic and electrodynamics

Coulomb’s law. Electric field and potential. Dielectric constant. Capacitors. Capacitors in series and in parallel. Direct current. Ohm’s Law. Kirchhoff’s Principles. Electrical resistance and resistivity, electrical resistances in series and in parallel. Work, Power, Joule effect. Generators. Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents. Effects of electrical currents (thermal, chemical and magnetic).

As you can see, it is quite a lot of stuff. Again, as I said, it is quite basically assessed, but nevertheless, it is a lot to remember. There’s a lot of theory to remember and there are a lot of formulas to remember. And that can be hard to recall when you’ve only got one hundred minutes to actually do a test, not to mention having to remember all the other stuff for all the other sections. So it is quite basic, but don’t underestimate it and think it’s going to be a breeze. Learning the formulas and getting some practice on how to apply them to IMAT style questions is probably the most high yield study you can do for physics, and we will cover these types of formulas and how to apply them in our physics section at IMAT Buddy. You should also learn a bit of theory because they do ask theory questions as well.

You do not really need to use textbooks for this section, using IMAT Buddy and other free online material will be enough to learn all the content required (though a typical high school textbook won’t hurt if you have one). I do also recommend using Anki (or an alternative to Anki) to help you memorise all the formulas. As mentioned, there are quite a few formulas, so Anki is very helpful in this regard. And of course, you want to know your enemy. You want to get good at doing IMAT style questions and you can find IMAT style questions on IMAT Buddy. You can also attempt physics questions from past BMAT papers, and of course you should attempt past IMAT papers. Just make sure you attempt IMAT papers in one single sitting, do not just attempt the physics section. IMAT past papers are some of your most useful resources for simulating the actual exam, so you do not want to waste them by just practicing individual sections at a time.

Watch below our Free IMAT Test Lesson for Physics SI Units

IMAT Test free lesson Physics SI Units

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