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How To Prepare for The New Writers of The IMAT 2023

New Writers for test IMAT 2023

Most of you have probably already heard the news that this year’s IMAT test will be different to other years due to the fact that Cambridge will no longer be writing the test. This will potentially change the format of the test slightly. 

As of writing this article, the official test IMAT 2023 syllabus is not yet released*. While it is unlikely that much will change, we should still be prepared for slight changes. The content of the test is most likely going to remain almost the same, with perhaps a few changes here and there. What is important however when preparing for any test is knowing how the test writers ask their questions. And because this is the first year that Cambridge will not write the IMAT, we have no past paper on the new IMAT format to practice with. 

Updated 12th June 2023 – IMAT 2023 Date

New updates about the IMAT 2023 test date! According to the ministry, the current date for the IMAT 2023 has been set for the 17th of October 2023.

You can read the full article here.

Medical Exams in the Italian Language

It is of course frustrating to have a format change, but have no fear, there are still things we can do to prepare. It is very likely this year that an Italian administration will be writing this year’s IMAT 2023. There are actually many entrance exams in Italy for various health-related degrees in the Italian language, such as Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary, Dentistry, Physiotherapy etc. 

We have analysed these exams and translated the questions to create unique simulators in the same format as the IMAT but with translated versions of the questions from these Italian language entrance exams. That way, if this year’s writer for the IMAT is the same as the one that wrote these other tests, you will have a unique familiarity with the type of question that almost no international applicant will have. This is a HUGE advantage!

Our New Simulation IMAT

The Italian language version of the IMAT has been running every year alongside the IMAT and allows entrance into medicine and surgery in the Italian language. This test was called the Test di Medicina and has currently been replaced by another exam called TOLC Med, which first started this April. The Test di Medicina is by our predictions going to be the most similar test to this year’s IMAT 2023. That is why we have translated these exams and uploaded them to our simulator section so that you can attempt these exams yourself. We have of course also created worked solutions to these exams. We will be uploading more translated simulators over time as well, not only for the Test di Medicina but for the other health-related exams in Italy as well.

Our IMAT simulators also include a lot of questions that we have created ourselves but in the same style as these exams. 

IMPORTANT: IMAT Test Questions Repeat!

Doing our translated questions is not only great practice, but it can also be free marks! It is very common that questions show up more than once in different years, usually written in a different way or with some slight differences. By using our new simulators, you will thus potentially get exposure to questions that could show up in this year’s exam, albeit probably with slightly different wording. 

How Do The Italian Tests Compare to Past IMAT Exams?

Generally, the Italian language admission test for medicine and surgery in Italian is very similar to the IMAT in terms of structure. In terms of difficulty, while similar, the Italian version is slightly more difficult in some areas. 

The only major structural difference is that instead of critical thinking they have a section that assesses Italians on their understanding of the Italian language. This is of course not something they will have in the new IMAT format, since they obviously do not expect you to speak Italian. It may be that they either keep critical thinking, replace critical thinking with something else, or remove the section completely. At this point we cannot speculate too much with any degree of certainty, so do not worry about this until the official announcement is made.

Regarding the difficulty of the exam, it is generally around the same level as the IMAT, although in my opinion slightly more difficult. The biology questions asked are typically at a slightly higher level and also cover a few topics that the IMAT never touched on. The same goes for chemistry, while math and physics are generally the same as the IMAT level. The problem-solving questions are generally at the same level as the IMAT as well. As for general knowledge, the types of questions are very similar, although a little more Italy-focused than in the IMAT. 

Will The IMAT Be Similar To These Exams?

We cannot say for sure, but it is very likely. That is why it is essential that you practice these translated exams to prepare for the types of questions they like to ask.

It should however also be noted that the IMAT under Cambridge was still under the influence of the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR), and this is reflected in how similar these exams are to past IMAT exams, like the test IMAT 2022 or test IMAT 2021. So you do not need to worry too much about the format change. On top of this, the new IMAT writers do realise that this is meant to be an international (not an Italian) admission exam, and are thus likely to try to keep the content as internationally friendly as possible. 

Where Will the IMAT 2023 be held?

In previous years it was possible to sit the IMAT test in many places around the world, such as the USA, Dubai, Pakistan, South Africa and many other cities in Europe and around the world. This was very helpful for students who live outside of Europe. 

Unfortunately, IMAT 2023 test centres are uncertain this year as Cambridge will not write the exam so we cannot say for sure if this possibility will exist this year. That is why we encourage everyone to prepare for the possibility of going to Italy to take the IMAT this year. Whether or not you wish to book your flights now or not is up to you, but it is very probable that Italy will be the only place the exam will be held this year. Again, we just have to wait and see what will happen. 

When Can We Expect More News?

For the past few years the IMAT test has always been held in early September, so this is by far the most likely outcome this year. Medical school starts in early October, so it is not likely going to be later than September. Furthermore, it is not legal in Italy to announce the test date later than 60 days before the exam. Based on past years, it is thus likely that June, or at the very latest July, is the month we will get the official announcement containing the test date, format and syllabus. 

How Do I Cope With This Uncertainty?

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and also see our 5 Star Reviews from IMAT students who used IMAT Buddy’s IMAT Preparation Course for the test IMAT 2022 and succeeded in entry to medical school in Italy.

The IMAT is just a few months away and still no announcement has been made. We get how frustrating this can be. But do not worry. This is just how the system works here in Italy, and it is actually nothing new. And remember, the IMAT is a competition, so all this confusion is impacting your competitors as well! That is why it is vital that you get ahead of them by preparing with our new Simulator IMAT, they will give you exposure to the new IMAT writers that the vast majority of test takers this year will not have!

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