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How to Prepare for the New Section of the Test IMAT 2023 

The Test IMAT 2023 is going to be a bit different to previous years. Two sections have been removed in 2023, namely General Knowledge and Critical Thinking. In their place, we instead have a new section called Reading Skills and Knowledge Acquired During Studies.  

Reading Skills and Knowledge Acquired During Studies Test IMAT 2023 

This section combines general knowledge with some literary skills. In 2023 the section will comprise of 4 questions, thus constituting 6 marks in the test. While this makes it the least important section for the IMAT, you should not ignore it. It could potentially be a source of easy marks! 

The Official Announcement 

Here is a translation of the official description of this new section… 

The ability to understand texts written in English of different nature and with different communicative purposes constitutes a transversal competence, given that all types of questions will be formulated in English, using even sometimes symbolic language. The following capacities will also be subject to specific verification: 

  • understand abstract, uncommon or specialized vocabulary in real contexts; 
  • identify the phenomena of textual cohesion and coherence; 
  • extract and infer specific information from the text. 

These skills will be verified starting from short texts of scientific essays or classic and contemporary fiction, or from short current affairs texts published in newspapers and generalist or specialized magazines. 

Always starting from short texts of various types and themes, the skills acquired in previous studies and the knowledge of general culture, including supranational ones or topics subject to contemporary public debate, will be tested. In particular, the questions will aim to ascertain: 

  • the ability to orient oneself in the space and time represented, or to place relevant historical-cultural phenomena in space and time; 
  • knowledge of the main national and international institutions; 
  • the comprehension of phenomena related to the judicial, economic and citizenship fields.” 

Are There Any Past Questions?

Since this is the first year that this section will feature in the IMAT, we have no past IMAT questions for this new section. However, this section has been featured in similar exams in the Italian language, such as the Italian language medical entry exams, Veterinary exams, and so on. We have translated some of these questions so that you have some questions to practice. We have also created some of our own.  

What Does This Section Test You On? 

This section is quite versatile. It assesses you on both general knowledge and your literary skills. For general knowledge, the main areas include International and Italian organisations, the EU, Economics, Italian Politics and Political system, The Italian Constitution, Current affairs, and other minor topics. This might seem like a lot, but it is quite manageable.  

Regarding literary skills, you will need to be able to read passages and decipher the author’s meaning. You could also be asked to identify the type of text, the type of literary techniques the author is using, and definitions of vocabulary, among other things.  

This section will require both study and practice.  

How Do I Prepare for This Section? 

We have created lessons that teach you the most important things for the various topics in this section, as well as past questions for you to practice. The good thing about this section is that most of your competitors will have no idea how to prepare for this section, meaning you can have a great advantage over the competition! 

Should I Still Study Critical Thinking and General Knowledge? 

The skills you gained from Critical Thinking will still be useful for the reading skills component of the new section, so understanding the Critical Thinking section and doing some practice questions will definitely help. Likewise, the knowledge gained from General Knowledge can also pay off. 

Nevertheless, it is not wise to spend too much time on these sections. A basic understanding is all you should aim for at this point.  

How Will This Section Work? 

You will basically be given a passage and a question about the passage, and then 5 multiple choice options to choose from. The question will either test your literary skills or general knowledge or even a combination of both. You can find our explanatory introduction to this section below… 

How Best to Prepare for the Test IMAT 2023

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