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All you need to know about the Test IMAT 2022

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Is 2022 the year you’re planning to study medicine or dentistry at a university in Italy? If so, and you haven’t already started, it’s time to begin the registration and preparation process for the IMAT (International Medical Admission Test). For medical studies at the most well-known universities in Italy, passing the IMAT is an essential prerequisite to acceptance on a suitable course. Although IMAT preparation and registration may appear daunting, we’re here to help! Achieve your dream of becoming a doctor or dentist when you sit the International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT) or the Humanitas University’s Medical Admissions Test (HUMAT) with IMAT Buddy. The team at IMAT Buddy has the information, support and study materials you need to make entering and passing the IMAT as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Our practical, accessible course delivers the knowledge and information you need to gain your place at medical or dental school.

Read on to discover the timetable and process for IMAT 2022, as well as how best to prepare for the IMAT test Medicine Inglese. No matter what stage of your medical school application you’re at, our IMAT exam assistance equips you with the skills and knowledge to ace the IMAT test 2022.

Benefits of the IMAT

When you pass the IMAT with IMAT Buddy, you’ll be able to gain a place at a public, English-speaking medical school in Italy. This is a fantastic opportunity for people who want to establish a career in medicine or dentistry but feel deterred by the high academic requirements, competitive admissions process, and significant application and course fees experienced in other countries.

What is the IMAT test?

The IMAT test is a stand-alone exam that students are required to pass before they can study medicine or dentistry in Italy. Many Italian universities offer medicine and dentistry courses that are run in Italy, but which are delivered in English. These medicine and dentistry courses are particularly popular with international students, many of whom speak English as a first or additional language. One of the ways that the universities ensure that the students they accept are of a suitable calibre to complete the course is to administer the IMAT.

The IMAT test Italy provides is a wide-ranging paper that focuses on problem-solving and analytical skills. It requires a cross-cutting suite of skills that are difficult to obtain from academic study alone. Regardless of the additional academic qualifications a student might possess, the IMAT is required before an individual can start their medical or dentistry course in Italy.

Note that if you intend to study outside of Italy, you won’t necessarily need the IMAT, although some other international universities may take it into account when considering your application.

What is the format of the test IMAT 2022?

The test consists of sixty questions, which need to be answered in 100 minutes. The questions are in a multiple-choice format. A number of different topics are covered in the IMAT: these are logical reasoning, biology, chemistry, general knowledge, maths and physics. For 2022, the breakdown of questions by topics is as follows:

  • 10 questions covering logical reasoning.
  • 15 questions covering biology.
  • 15 questions covering chemistry.
  • 10 general knowledge questions.
  • 10 maths and physics questions.

It is intended that students will have gained sufficient knowledge from their studies and further reading to successfully answer any of the questions that are set. For students who are used to covering a detailed syllabus, studying for the IMAT can be a challenge due to the lack of information and confusion online. For many students, answering IMAT past papers, taking an IMAT mock test or looking at IMAT past tests can be good ways to increase familiarity with the type of questions asked and get a good understanding of the approach needed to succeed in this important exam. We cover how to study for IMAT further down the page.

How is the IMAT test marked?

Understanding the marking scheme is an important consideration when studying for the IMAT test. Each question is worth 1.5 marks, giving a maximum score of 90. The pass mark varies between universities – more prestigious universities, for example, may have a higher pass mark, it all depends on how well your competition scores.

Note that, unlike many other exams, an incorrect or missed answer in the IMAT will cost you marks! A deduction of 0.4 marks is made for every incorrect or unanswered question. Unfortunately, it only takes a few wrong answers to significantly impact on your score. In a test where every question counts, the right preparation can really make a difference.

Preparing for the IMAT

To sit the IMAT, you will need to have completed high school. While there are no specific prerequisite subjects, it helps to have an understanding of biology, chemistry, maths and physics. Of course, the greatest possible preparation comes through taking a comprehensive online course with IMAT Buddy, supplemented by your own independent study and trying past IMAT exams. You can also start by reading our article The Complete Guide to the IMAT Test Explained From Start to Finish to help you understand all you need to know regarding the IMAT test.

Entry Process for the 2022 IMAT Test

If you intend to study medicine at an Italian university this autumn, sitting (and passing) the IMAT is going to be a priority. Before you can sit the IMAT, you’ll need to complete a pre-registration process and a registration process.

Pre-registration and pre-enrolment process

The window for pre-registration is April to June 2022. The pre-registration process varies slightly, depending on which university you’re applying to. Pre-registration is only required for non-EU students. If you’re an EU student, you can register for the IMAT from the 4th of July 2022.

For non-EU students, pre-enrolment requires obtaining official validation (A Certificate of Value) that the qualifications you have (or will have, if you’ve just completed a course of study but don’t have your exam results yet) will mean that you’re eligible for a university place at an Italian university to study medicine or dentistry.

Appropriate validation (Dichiarazione di Valore or a Certificate of Value) can be obtained from your nearest Italian embassy or consulate. Explain to the embassy that you wish to study medicine at an English-speaking course in Italy. They will tell you what the process is to get your form signed off, showing that you meet the eligibility criteria to study in Italy.

Note that you may need to have some of your certificates or other supporting documentation translated into Italian. The consulate will usually give you a list of suitable translators who can do this for you. The consulate is used to working with prospective medical students looking to study in Italy and has a tried and tested system to make the validation process as simple as possible. As you will also need a visa to study in Italy if (or when) your application is successful, it’s worth enquiring about the visa process at the same time.

IMAT certification is required to study an English-speaking course for medicine or dentistry at the following Italian universities:

– University of Sienna

– University of Turin

– University of Pavia

– University of Parma

– University of Tor Vergata (Rome)

– University of Naples Federico II

– University of Milan Bicocca

– The University of Campania (Luigi Vanvitelli)

– University of Bologna

– University of Sapienza (Rome)

– University of Messina University of Milan

– University of Padova

– University of Bari

There are three universities that require students to apply with them on their websites as well. These three are the University of Turin, the University of Pavia and Messina University of Milan. These universities have slightly different processes and procedures, including different deadlines.

If you intend to study medicine or dentistry at the universities of Turin, Pavia or Messina, make sure you are familiar with their online application process as soon as possible.

Registering for the IMAT

Once your pre-enrolment work is complete, the next stage of the IMAT test preparation is to register to take the test. Note that pre-enrolment is not the same as registration. IMAT registration can only be completed online, using the IMAT dedicated website. The registration site is only open for the first three weeks of July (July 4th 2022 to July 22nd 2022). Applicants all follow the same registration process, regardless of where in the world they’ll be sitting the IMAT test.

What information do I need to complete the registration process?

Alongside contact and personal information, you will also need to provide details of your first choice university and course of study, as well as information about the test centre where you intend to take your IMAT. There are IMAT test centres across the world – you don’t need to travel to Italy to sit the test.

Is there a cost for sitting the IMAT test?

Yes! The cost of sitting the IMAT is about USD $164 or €130 euros. This will be payable at the time of registration, so make sure you’ve got a suitable method of payment available.

Sitting the IMAT in 2022

The IMAT 2022 will be held on Tuesday, September 13.

Preliminary test results will likely be published via an online portal in the last week of September. This result will only show your individual test score and not your IMAT ranking. Your IMAT score and answer sheet will be published at the beginning of October.

Can I take my IMAT exam online?

No! There is currently no facility for students to take the IMAT test online. Students must travel to a registered IMAT test centre and take the exam in person. If there isn’t a test centre near you, you will need to make arrangements to travel to the centre that’s most convenient. For example, students looking for an IMAT test München residents can easily access would attend at the Munich (München) test centre. Unfortunately, some countries don’t have a local test centre, meaning students will have to travel internationally to find an appropriate centre.

If you choose to take the IMAT in Italy you will be forced to sit the exam at the university you selected as your first choice. So lets say you registered for the IMAT Bologna, well then you must sit the IMAT in Bologna if you are sitting the exam in Italy.

In the event of pandemic restrictions or other disruptions, the IMAT administration will advise on appropriate action.

How to study for the IMAT exam

For students that want a handy, easy to use solution to IMAT revision requirements, you’ve come to the right place! The team at IMAT Buddy has many years of experience in providing the revision and study materials students need to confidently pass their IMAT.

We understand that there’s a lot resting on the IMAT exam, which is why the right preparation is invaluable.

IMAT Study

Acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to pass the IMAT requires more than just practice – it’s essential to have the information needed to answer the questions correctly in the first instance. Our series of informative videos cover the detailed aspects of the knowledge, skills and techniques you need to pass the IMAT. There’s no fluff or messing about – just focused, factual information that you need to memorise and demonstrate for the IMAT.

The videos are easily accessible and suit the majority of learning styles. Delivered digitally, they’re available 24/7/365. Students can dip in and out of the videos whenever they’ve got a few minutes. To revise, students can rewatch the video, and/or read the written summary that’s provided at the end of each video. Our aim is to present the material in a variety of ways, making it more memorable and enabling students to learn in a way that suits their needs.

For many students, IMAT test preparation books alone can be too dense and difficult to memorise. Especially if you’re a student that’s studying in short bursts between other commitments, a book is a cumbersome item to carry from place to place. Our IMAT videos and other study materials can be accessed from your phone, tablet or another portable device, making study on the move much easier.

As part of the learning process for each topic, we include targeted questions that are designed to test your understanding. One of the challenges that the IMAT presents is the format and wording of the questions. Students may have the knowledge needed to answer a question, but the tricky wording and challenging way that the question is put together may mean they end up with the incorrect solution. We have designed practice questions that accurately mirror the type of question you’ll face in the IMAT. By presenting questions in IMAT format from the outset, we ensure students have plenty of practice in working out what’s required and answering correctly.

IMAT Exam Technique

A vital part of how to prepare for the IMAT exam is mastering the specialist techniques needed to sit the paper with confidence. The test lasts only 100 minutes, which isn’t long when you’ve got sixty demanding questions to answer. IMAT Buddy provides the tips, tricks and information needed not only to answer each question correctly but also the strategies you’ll need to answer the entire paper to a suitable standard within the required time frame.

We don’t just provide you with individual questions on each topic, we also give you access to past paper solutions. These are perfect for the later stages of your study, when you want to complete past tests to assess your progress and identify any areas of weakness that need further work.

Completing the IMAT with IMAT Buddy

While there are plenty of free medical resources online which can help you prepare for the IMAT, the test itself is very specific and includes content you won’t likely have covered at school.

IMAT Buddy helps you prepare to sit the IMAT through friendly resources covering each section of the test. All of our course material is directly based on content found in the exam. The detailed lessons, video tutorials, written summaries and helpful practice questions will ensure you’re best prepared to achieve a passing grade. We also understand sitting the IMAT can be very stressful, so we offer helpful tips and tricks to ensure your peace of mind.

We Give you the Answers

As part of the package of support you receive from IMAT Buddy, we include worked solutions for every single question on our site. Not only is there a worked solution available for each of the practice questions you’ll encounter, but there are also worked answers for each of the questions on the IMAT test past papers. The worked answers are a vital aid to learning from early mistakes, providing the practical information you need to optimise the chances of obtaining a correct answer in the IMAT exam.

IMAT questions are deliberately challenging; IMAT Buddy provides the information you need to take the confusion and worry out of answering IMAT questions, giving you logical solutions that can be memorised and utilised in the exam. The IMAT Buddy has also recently added ALL previous available IMAT tests (Past IMAT Papers) with completed worked answers as part of the IMAT Buddy Preparation Course.

As Much Preparation as you Need

Every student is a little different. Some will feel ready to sit the IMAT test after only a few weeks of study. Others will want to complete plenty of preparation to ensure they’ve got all the knowledge and skills they need to shine. Whatever approach you opt for, the flexible, proven approach we provide offers the best chance of passing the IMAT test Italy universities need with flying colours.

Why not try a FREE Trial of IMAT Buddy?

We think it’s important that students are 100% satisfied with the quality and content of the IMAT preparation information and support that we provide. That’s why we offer new sign-ups the chance of a FREE trial. The trial gives you an excellent insight into the format of our content and the way that it links directly with what’s needed for IMAT exam success.

Choose IMAT Buddy And Realise Your Medical Dreams Today

Gaining admission into the competitive medical field isn’t an easy feat. When you enrol in an IMAT Buddy course, you’ll give yourself an edge over other candidates fighting for a place. You’ll learn techniques and study content specific to the IMAT, guaranteed to ensure success.

Our comprehensive course includes the best resources, giving you the confidence that you have all the tools at your disposal to pass the IMAT with flying colours.

We understand that for many university students, money is an obstacle. That’s why we’ve worked to make our course affordable and deliver the lessons in advance so you can truly study on your own time. As mentioned, you’ll also be happy to note that with IMAT Buddy you’re able to try before you buy. Our first few lessons are free for anyone to view, so you can get a taste of what’s on offer before you sign up.


I’ve registered for the IMAT in September 2022, is there enough time to prepare?

Yes! We obviously can’t promise that you will pass in September, but in our experience, the majority of students who study conscientiously for a few months prior to the IMAT are usually successful on their first attempt. If students have completed studies to the level necessary for the Dichiarazione di Valore, and dedicate enough study to the sciences, they’ve usually got the knowledge needed to commence this course. Usually what’s needed is training in mastering the IMAT question format and perfecting the exam timing to ensure adequate time is allocated to each question. Those skills can be quickly acquired through answering the hundreds of practice questions available on our site.

From answering single questions through to sitting complete mock papers, we’ve got all the question options needed to complete a full course of IMAT study and revision.

I’ve failed my IMAT before – can you help?

It’s surprising how many talented medical students didn’t pass their IMAT on the first attempt. Failure is often down to a lack of awareness of how the IMAT test is structured and the details of the question wording, which can trip up the unwary! This is where IMAT Buddy can really add value to your revision – we teach you not only the knowledge you need but also the specific skills required for the IMAT test.

If you’ve failed before, we give you everything needed to rebuild your confidence and absolutely nail the IMAT the next time you take it. On rare occasions, a student will sign up for our study support and subsequently still not pass the IMAT. In these circumstances, we will allow the student continued FREE access to our site for a further twelve months. This provides them with everything needed to ensure that, on their next attempt, they achieve outstanding IMAT success.

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Classes and the exams in the end of each part are very good and useful for me. I learn so many things from your course. Thank you very much ♥
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Fantastic course! The science section predicted many of the types of questions that showed up in the exam, thanks to IMAT Buddy I scored in the top of the non-EU for my university of choice. Cannot recommend the course enough!
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The course is very well organized and systemic. Thanks to IMAT Buddy I was able to find all the needed study material explained in an easy coherent way. I recommend it to anyone trying to sit for the IMAT test.
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I've been trying to get into med school for two years now and I've been through A LOT of different books and websites designed to help the test takers but I have never come across anything remotely similar to IMAT Buddy! I've been using it for quite some time now and I really enjoy the way everything is so perfectly arranged in it. The videos are super useful, there are plenty of test simulators AND you can monitor your own progress as you go on. I've never been more motivated and confident about IMAT. So of you wanna get into med school, make sure not to miss it, or do, cause you know, less competition for me 😁
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ImatBuddy is probably one of the best course available out there. The course is well organized with the most important topics and it provides a lot of tips and tricks of what is really necessary to study for the IMAT. My personal experience is that through ImatBuddy I was able to raise my points in a short period of time. Especially the scientific section has very well made explanatory videos and for the first section there is also a lot of material with how to prepare best and efficiently.
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Super easy to follow videos and very well made course overall. Very much recommend!
Tiago Serafim
Italy | 2023
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Even working a full time job I was able to get a good score and get admitted. All you need for the IMAT is in the course, just follow it and you will succeed!
Thamindu Kaushan Rathnayake
Italy | 2023
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Very accurate upto the point course nothing more nothing less . I got 56.8 and got easily selected to the university of Sapienza Rome.Thank you IMAT buddy. I highly recommend the course.
Saudi Arabia | 2023
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I was pleasantly surprised to see how much information was provided for each and every topic. I loved the fact that the teacher knew exactly what is important for the IMAT and what is not, which really helped because I did not get overwhelmed by the information. I had a wonderful experience with IMAT Buddy, and I would recommend it to anyone, who wants to crack the IMAT! My IMAT 2023 score: 62
Elena D'Andria
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IMAT Buddy offers great preparation tools and courses at a fair price point. The course is well structured and helpful, the videos and explanations are easy to understand but still detailed. I had less than 2 months left to study before the exam and I still managed to learn a lot in this little time. If needed, I will definitely use IMAT Buddy again when studying for IMAT 2024. I can only recommend this course, it may be one of the best ones out there!
Tushar Singh Rathore
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Ireland | 2023
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I was really happy with IMATBuddy worked. It cuts straight to the point, offering exactly what’s needed without bogging you down with unnecessary details. This focused approach let me concentrate solely on studying. My IMAT 2023 Score: 51
Görkem Emir Kara
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I loved lessons and quizzez a lot.
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Imat buddy has helped me lot to prepare for imat exam has given me advice. Everything has been adjusted so I can use it more comfortable and easy. I didn't feel anything that lacks to prepare in imat buddy.

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