All you need to know about the IMAT 2022

Achieve your dream of becoming a doctor or dentist when you sit the International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT) or the Humanitas University’s Medical Admissions Test (HUMAT) with IMAT Buddy. Our practical, accessible course delivers the knowledge and information you need to gain your place at medical or dental school.

Benefits of the IMAT

When you pass the IMAT with IMAT Buddy, you’ll be able to gain a place at a public, English-speaking medical school in Italy. This is a fantastic opportunity for people who want to establish a career in medicine or dentistry but feel deterred by the high academic requirements, competitive admissions process, and significant application and course fees.

Preparing for the IMAT

To sit the IMAT, you will need to have completed high school. While there are no specific prerequisite subjects, it helps to have an understanding of biology, chemistry, maths and physics. Of course, the greatest possible preparation comes through taking a comprehensive online course with IMAT Buddy, supplemented by your own independent study and trying past IMAT exams. You can also start by reading our article The Complete Guide to the IMAT Test Explained From Start to Finish to help you understand all you need to know regarding the IMAT test.

Registering for the IMAT

Students not located in the EU will need to go through the pre-enrolment, or preiscrizione, stage of application. Pre-enrolment dates are usually open until July 2022.

You will also need to obtain a translated, legalised copy of your high school transcript, known as a Declaration of Value (DOV). This is required for both EU and non-EU applicants. As this needs to be organised through the Italian embassy in your country, it is recommended you obtain it well in advance of the IMAT.

Once you are pre-enrolled, you still need to apply to sit the IMAT. Application dates can vary year to year, so make sure you are kept up to date. You can find keep yourself updated on When you apply, you are required to select the universities and programs you prefer, and to indicate where you would like to sit the test. Make sure you choose your first choice carefully, as a Non-EU candidate this is the only university you will be considered for. As an EU candidate, your ranking also matters, as you will not be able to choose any university you get into if you have simultaneously gotten a score high enough to enter into a university you placed higher in the ranking.

Sitting the IMAT in 2022

The IMAT comprises sixty multiple-choice questions across four sections. These sections cover logical reasoning, general knowledge and scientific knowledge. It is a pen-and-paper test and is held once a year, with students all over the world able to sit the test at authorised centres. You will not be given any other material than a pen and the exam paper at the exam (no calculators, periodic tables or anything of the like may be used during the exam).

The IMAT 2022 will be held on Tuesday, September 13.

Sitting the IMAT requires a fee. The fee for the 2022 IMAT is USD $164.

Preliminary test results will likely be published via an online portal in the last week of September. This result will only show your individual test score and not your IMAT ranking. Your IMAT score and answer sheet will be published at the beginning of October.

Completing the IMAT with IMAT Buddy

While there are plenty of free medical resources online which can help you prepare for the IMAT, the test itself is very specific and includes content you won’t have covered at school.

IMAT Buddy helps you prepare to sit the IMAT through friendly resources covering each section of the test. All of our course material is directly based on content found in the exam. The detailed lessons, video tutorials, written summaries and helpful practice questions will ensure you’re best prepared to achieve a passing grade. We also understand sitting the IMAT can be very stressful, so we offer helpful tips and tricks to ensure your peace of mind. The IMAT Buddy has also recently added ALL previous available IMAT tests (Past IMAT Papers) with completed worked answers as part of the IMAT Buddy Preparation Course.

Choose IMAT Buddy And Realise Your Medical Dreams Today

Gaining admission into the competitive medical field isn’t an easy feat. When you enrol in an IMAT Buddy course, you’ll give yourself an edge over other candidates fighting for a place. You’ll learn techniques and study content specific to the IMAT, guaranteed to ensure success.

Our comprehensive course includes more teaching hours and resources than our competitors, giving you the confidence that you have all the tools at your disposal to pass the IMAT with flying colours.

We understand that for many university students, money is an obstacle. That’s why we’ve worked to make our course affordable and deliver the lessons in advance so you can truly study on your own time. You’ll also be happy to know that with IMAT Buddy you’re able to try before you buy. Our first few lessons are free for anyone to view, so you can get a taste of what’s on offer before you sign up.

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